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Newgrounds Ideas?

Posted by newgroundidea - February 20th, 2009

OK, so newgrounds can use a lot... i mean it is wonderfull but it could have some features that are amazing...

Here are some ideas,

Add a way to view new submissions by favorite artists...

Allow for customization of the box 'users also liked', for games you enjoyed and want to promote...

Add more dynamic ways of viewing music, maybe some radio stations run by users?? DJ sets?

Add API allowing for cross game benifits; example- When you get a score in a game from an artist there could be an intensive in the other game like more starting money or special features?

Banners for games? why is there not more artwork on the submitted game or movie page? an icon is nice but wouldnt it be nice to have something similar to the cover of a cd or dvd?????

Newgrounds Ideas?

Comments (3)

Those are good ideas! I made a list a year back:

- Ability to collaborate with users in the audio portal in the same manner as in the flash portal.

- Notepad in My Account to jott down important things.

- Pagination on iconhelpers page, a couple hundred submissions per page.

- Pagination on submissions page ( both in My Account and in Profile ), if submissions count over 100, they're sorted by year, with orange buttons for each year, newest year displayed first.

- Somekind of image that congratulates you when you level up after depositing EXP.

- A box in My Account, on the submissions pages, with a displayed number of reviews you have not responded to. This number can be clicked on and redirects to a page with a list of all these submissions.

- Unique visitor counter in profiles, with options in My Account to display or not to display ( under the profile message ). Counts only logged in users, and only each user once.

- Fla. portal, for preloaders, character sources, sceneries, etc. Not as advanced as current one, without voting/collections/favorites/etc. Just a simple modded approval system

- Ability to buy Alien Hominid games etc from shop

- Ability for users to start own personal shops, kind of like at cafepress, but with the ability to only sell downloads, flash games, sources, etc, that the user can easily download upon payment. NG can take a small percentage ( 1%, max, of the payment ).

- A contact form specificly made with dropdown menu for 1.) reporting stolen submissions 2.) reporting bugs 3.) suggesting features

- Ability to save blogpost as draft and keep working on it later, without ID ( so when submitted the ID is the newest one ).

- Ability to optionally include .fla file when submitting .swf, so users can download and make new creations based upon it. Download counter displayed.

- Number of comments displayed in profile ( in same manner as reviews ), and link to view them all.

- Breakbeat, Sound Effects and Vocals genres in Audio Portal.

- Clipart availible for usage in blogposts, for example a few different bullet images/emoticons/arrows/dividers/etc.

- Option to specify one certain blogpost to be displayed first on main profile page.

- Graveyard page for the Audio Portal, for submissions that are not blammed, but deleted my mods/etc. Statistics page for the audio portal, in the same manner as the one for the flash portal.

- Bigger filesize limit in art forum.

- Bigger PM Box + ability to attach files with PM ( specific storage quota for files, maybe 20MB ).

- No possibilty to delete audio submissions. Since they are there for users to use, as a resource, artists shouldn't be able to just delete them suddenly without reason. The delete option would still be left, but it would only be deleted from the list in their account/profile, and not entirely.

- Working NG Mag, updated pages and graphics.

- Rankings for B/P total on rankings page, not only blams/saves seperately.

- New secret users get access to at about lvl40 that lets them post a message to a user of choice. The message is displayed at the top of the users account, in the info box at the top of the page. Only one message can be displayed and there is a set character limit too. Users can change the message at once a week, both text and the user it is displayed to. The message stays on users account until another user is assigned.

- New secret users get access to after lvl40 that lets them change color in posts

- New secret which lets you view the site without ads after a certain level, 50, maybe

- Little arrow beside the smiley row that opens up an additional row of smiles featuring usercreated ones such as the :3 one, the saint, etc. Topics with different smiley ideas can be found all over the BBS.

- Ability to get emails when a favorite user posts a new blog.

- New secret in which users get the ability to add a custom CSS style sheet to the site and play around with it's appearence. Links to various CSS guides availible from the same page. No harm can be done with CSS, only personal layout adjustments.

- Poll section with official newgrounds polls at the top and then a list of unnofficial polls that users can create. Polls are autmaticly ended after seven days and "archived".

- Ability to use the title/class tags in HTML ( useful when using local a href links on a page.

- Ability to chose between a still and an animated NG logo, in the animated one rays move slowly in the background.

A few of them have been implemented by now, but most of them are still left untouched.

I like the logo